Chief Content Officer as a new role

Content Jobs: Chief Content Officer (CCO) as an emerging role

Taking a brief look at the first and second articles about signs of a weak strategy, would raise up a serious question:

Who is supposed to devise and implement the content strategy in the organization? 

Many of the points discussed there are already sources of serious conflicts in organizations and there is not any consensus over an effective resolution yet.

Public Relations department prefers to govern any message broadcasted by the company to the outside world. So PR wants to own part of the content strategy pie.

Marketing department considers itself as the only department with the ability and knowledge to design and run advertising campaigns. Campaigns are surely of the most expensive content publication plans ever happen in an organization. So who will be more competent than marketing department to devise and implement the content strategy?

Accounting and finance department is the only department implicitly allowed to comment on every decision in the company. Cash in the accounts is like blood in the vessels and the whoever monitors cash, expects the right to monitor everything and endorse every devised plan. Content strategy is not an exception!

The sales department has the closest touch with the clients and sure has its own experiences and evaluations of previously delivered contents to the customer. So the sales departments are able to cast shadows of doubt on every plan not previously checked with them.

Beside this challenges and claims, IT departments in many organizations consider the digital and online activities as their exclusive territory. So as any comprehensively designed content strategy would include many digital activities, the IT department may consider itself as the main player in the field.

In such situations, the emerged content strategy, if you decide to call it a strategy at all, would not be anything more than an action plan negotiated between various stakeholders with conflicting interests and attitudes toward content. This situation is analyzed in power school of strategy by Henry Mintzberg in Strategy Safari: Formation of strategy as a result of negotiation between internal and external stakeholders.

The outcome of the strategic planning in such a situation is not necessarily the best strategy for the organization. It’s the strategy of the most powerful, with minor adjustments to keep other stakeholders quiet.

This is the place where the Chief Content Officer (CCO) role emerges.

In the next article, I have mentioned some of the popular misunderstandings in the CCO job description.