Evergreen Content types, ideas and examples

Evergreen Content: Ideas and Examples

In my introductory article on evergreen content, I have mentioned a few examples of evergreen content types.

Here I have collected some ideas and examples of evergreen content. I am quite confident that you will be able to list many other ideas after reading the following examples.

Write about persisting questions

Just think about the first questions your first readers (or customers) asked the first time they visited your website. Among them, you will find issues that are still relevant, and most of your new audiences are still looking for the answer to those questions.

Write about structure of your industry

No matter the industry, it’s always helpful and fascinating for the audience to read about the structure of your industry.

Industry structures do not change very fast, and such informative contents can live for years without the need for a fundamental change and adjustment.

Write a glossary for your topic of interest

Glossaries are one of the best options for creating evergreen content. Glossaries have a long lifespan, and your audience will love them especially if they are comprehensive and relevant.

You can check the following documents as examples of this content type:

Create a list of useful resources for beginners

Advanced articles and resources are usually subject to change. But basic documents and resources remain valid for a relatively long period.

Therefore it’s a good idea to prepare and publish resource lists for your novice users.

Check the following articles to have a better idea about this content type:

Worst practices for obtaining a specific goal

Although it’s quite popular to write about best practices, still writing about worst practices can be a gold mine for your audience.

While this type of content is beneficial for your readers, it’s much less competitive compared to the best practice lists provided by virtually all the great players in the field.

Check the following articles:

Historical examples and case studies

When you cite a recent case study, very soon it will get outdated.

You have to change words and edit phrases, and still, your blog will look outdated.

Your audience most probably will be more impressed by a story belonging to five decades ago than by a case study which refers to a two years old story. While former looks as an informing case, the latter may be perceived as an outdated content.