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Definition of Content Marketing

Content marketing, like many other technical terms such as management, strategy, and marketing is an easy concept to grasp but a hard concept to define. I have my own definition in mind wherever I refer to the content marketing in this blog: In addition to the above definition, here you can find a few other popular definitions of the content […]

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Content marketing definition of content

Definition of digital content in content marketing

As Charles Bohannan says, content is the single most important and sought-after commodity on the web. But, what do we mean by the term content in the content marketing context? Although I have already attempted to provide a broad definition of content, would be more helpful if we make a more specific definition of content in content marketing. As here the term content often […]

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What is evergreen content and why you may need it in your content strategy?

Evergreen content is currently a buzzword in content strategy, and it’s considered as a key success factor for content providers. Definition of evergreen content In the simplest definition, an evergreen content is a piece of content which does not expire in the short term. But here you can find a more elaborate and formal definition of the evergreen content: Evergreen contents […]

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Different types of contents used by content strategists

There are many different ways to classify contents. Some people categorize contents based on the delivery channel: contents for the social media, contents for the website, contents for the outdoor ads, etc. Other people classify contents based on the medium they use: audio content, video content, text content, etc. But for the content strategists, there are other content classification models […]

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Key Performance Indicators in Content Marketing (KPIs)

Content Marketing KPIs: A List of best Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in content marketing

Note: This article is part of the collection titled content marketing in less than 300 steps! Anything measured can be improved. All the other things are subject to personal judgement and human errors. Therefore, every content marketer has to specify his(her) own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) We can not determine the KPIs in vacuum, and we shall choose them based on our goals: […]

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