Extended evolutionary synthesis

Complex Systems and The Extended Evolutionary Synthesis

Darwin’s evolutionary view of the world is one of the greatest achievements of the human race. However, the evolution theory itself needs to be evolved over time to be adapted to the latest scientific developments. The modern evolutionary synthesis was the first major update to Darwin’s model. The main idea behind the update was integrating the latest achievements and understandings […]

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Behavioral Characteristics of the Complex Systems

I have already made an introductory definition of the complex systems. Here I’m going to list some of the common behavioral characteristics of the complex systems: Unpredictability or limited predictability Although it’s popular to consider complex systems as unpredictable entities, it would be more precise if we say complex systems have limited predictability.  It goes without saying that predictability is not […]

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Why we need to study the complexity and the complex systems

Neil Johnson starts his fantastic book on complexity with the following story in the preface: The above story could be considered as a fantasy. But whoever knows the idea behind the complexity and the complex systems would confirm it as a plausible scenario. Human understanding of the world can be divided into three distinct ages: Mythologic World or Primitive Dualistic View […]

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Lecture notes on emergence, complexity, and complex systems

Lecture Notes on Emergence and Complex Systems

As the name implies, lecture notes are supposed to be taken in the lectures. But to be honest, I have never had attended a course on the emergence and complex systems. What I have done is limited to reading a couple of books and software implementation of a few low-order complex systems. However, I’ve always been interested in coaching an informal […]

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Basic Concepts: Definition of Randomness

When we talked about predictability and living things, I have noted that we need a more precise definition of randomness before diving into the details of complex living systems. The concept of randomness seems obvious at first glance. Random and Randomness are so popular in our daily talks which we never think about their exact definition. Let me start with a simple […]

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