future of identity and citizen ship - the new digital age - eric schmidt and jared cohen

The future of identity, citizenship and reporting – Part I (Summary)

Book Title: The New Digital Age

Written by: Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen

Chapter Title: The future of indentity, citizenship and reporting

The new digital age - Summary - The future of identity, citizenship and reporting

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The new digital age: Identity and Citizenship

Chapter 2 (Part I): The future of indentity, citizenship and reporting

In the next decade, the world’s virtual population will outnumber the population of the Earth.

The impact of data revolution will be to strip citizens of much of their control over their personal information in virtual space, and that will have significant consequences in the physical world.

Our highly documented pasts will have an impact on our prospects, and our ability to influence and control how we are perceived by others will decrease dramatically.

We are what we tweet:

The communication technologies we use today are invasive by design, collecting our photos, comments and friends into giant databases that are searchable and, in the absence of outside regulation, fair game for employers, university admissions personnel and town gossips.

… For children abd adolescents, the incentives to share will always outweight the vague, distant risks of self-exposure, even with salient examples of the consequences in public view.


For parents, the truly strategic will go beyond reserving social-networking profiles and buying domain names, and instead select names that affect how easy or hard it will be to find their children online.

Some parents will deliberately choose unique names or unusually spelled traditional names so that their children have an edge in search results.

As children live significantly faster lives online than their maturity allows, most parents will realize that the most valuable way to help their child is to have the privacy-and-security talks even before the sex-talk.

Note: To comply with the requirements of the fair use, the excerpts here are not necessarily the most important or the core concepts or even summary of the book. They are just a few sentences and statements I have highlighted in the book for later reference, hoping that reading them encourage you to buy the book and read it.