Tips about evergreen content creation

Tips for creating evergreen content (Part II)

Note: I have already defined evergreen content in a separate article. Also, I have mentioned a few tips about evergreen content creation in the first part of this article. So please check them before reading the following article.

  Definition of evergreen content.
  Tips for creating evergreen content (Part I)

Don’t make it over-green

To make our content evergreen, sometimes we deliver over-green content to the audience. Such excessive efforts often lead to a dull, boring content.

To take an extreme imaginary case, suppose a blogger who wants to use Twitter in a sentence. He thinks that one day twitter won’t exist and my sentence will look outdated. So he decides to substitute the word Twitter with the following phrase: “one of the popular social media tools that helps you to share short messages.”

Of course, such an extreme case won’t happen. But there are many milder cases in which we deliberately use over-green words and phrases to make our content evergreen.

Experts are rarely your audience

Sure, there are some cases where an evergreen article targets experts and becomes successful. But usually, experts are not the audience of evergreen articles. Even if they reach to such articles, most probably will skim over the articles to find references and resources.

So unless you have a sound strategic reason, it’s recommendable to target non-experts. These audiences are more likely to have a longer stay-time and deeper click-throughs which in turn, leads to better SEO scoring.

Don’t sacrifice relevance for better search results

Many content creators try to make their evergreen contents as comprehensive as possible.

Such strategy may lead to better search engine scoring and higher impression and click rates. However, don’t forget that your final goal is conversion and sacrificing relevance for whatever reason would hardly lead to more conversion.

The same logic applies to keyword stuffing. Besides the fact that most search engines recognize this strategy and penalize it, this approach won’t result in more conversions and will just decrease your credibility and dilute your relevance in the eyes of the audience.

Don’t forget downloadables

The importance of download stuff can hardly be overstated. As I have said many times, downloadable files resemble physical commodities in the digital world.

Any website with a long-term content strategy must have a dedicated page for resources (Including downloadables and valuable external links). However, evergreen articles will become richer if you consider a download section in their design.