Stuxnet Virus

The story of the Stuxnet (as Eric Schmidt explains)

Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen have dedicated the third chapter of their book, The New Digital Age, to the future of states. One of the sections of the third chapter talks about digital provocation and cyber war. Schmidt uses a cyber war definition offered by Richard Clarke: Actions by a nation-state to penetrate another nation’s computers or networks for the purposes […]

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Our future selves (Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen) – Summary

Book Title: The New Digital Age Written by: Eric Schmidt and Jared Cohen Chapter Title: Our future selves Order Information: The New Digital Age ( The New Digital Age (Barnes & Noble) A short comment from blog’s author about the first chapter Reading the chapter title, you might expect a philosophical analysis of the human identity (or self-perception) affected by technology. However, the […]

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Leading thinkers of the technology (Futurist Minds)

About four centuries ago, the term technology was used to address any kind of systematic treatment of human tools. So any discussion about the future of technology just meant to think about development of more modern tools and equipment and finding better ways to use them. After industrial revolution, technologists moved to the factories. Then, the future of technology found […]

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