Definition of permission marketing: Content marketing is not limited to permission marketing

Note: This article is part of the collection titled content marketing in less than 300 steps! There are still many content marketers who use content marketing and permission marketing interchangeably. However, permission marketing is just a sub-category of content marketing and, unfortunately, most of the current content marketing campaigns do not fall into this sub-category. Permission Marketing is a term coined by Seth […]

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Conversion Rate (Definition and Classifications)

Note: This article is part of a collection of articles about the Key Performance Indicators in content marketing. A well-designed content marketing plan is not just aiming at higher traffic. Unless you build your business on an advertising-based revenue model, higher traffic would not necessarily lead to higher sales revenue. Thus, we need some Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure the actual business impact […]

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long form content

Why you should create long form content?

Most of the content marketers believe that you should have at least a few long form contents on your website. Various beliefs have lead to dominance of the long form content even in the age of hasty users and short-form dominance (I have mentioned some of them in my recent post): Long form contents have a higher chance of social sharing (Source: Newswhip […]

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