Avoid Boring People by James Watson: Review + Excerpts

James Watson could be considered as the most controversial person among the Nobel Prize winners in the scientific fields. Many scientists or university faculties have said many biased or irrelevant opinions about many things they don’t know about and may Noam Chomsky represent this group very well. However, the case for James Watson is a bit more complicated as he […]

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Book Review: Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestly

Up to now, The Automatic Customer and Oversubscribed (written by Daniel Priestly) are the best books I’ve found in the market dedicated to subscription revenue model. However, there’s a significant difference in the approaches of these two books. The automatic customer is a categorized case study collection showing you various successful businesses using subscription business model. But oversubscribed takes a […]

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Book Review: The Automatic Customer by John Warrillow

Still there are many books and business scholars who consider the subscription as a revenue model and not a business model, although John Warrillow’s book is not one of them. Considering subscription as a revenue model means you can design your core product and even most of the internal functions of your business without taking the effect of subscription model to your core […]

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Book Review: Connected by Nicholas Christakis

“The structure of the social licking network among cows is one of the best patterns for understanding and predicting the network structure of interaction among U.S. senators”. Considering above fact and other similar researches reported by Nicholas Christakis in his book titled connected, would not be surprising when he tells us that the obesity or mood is a contagion property in human […]

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