Mark Schaefer Author of the content code and the one who proposed the term content shock

Content Shock: Myth or Reality?

Definition of content shock Mark Schaefer used the term content shock for the first time in his article titled why content marketing is not a sustainable strategy. Here’s how he defines the content shock: The argument behind the content shock concept Mark Schaefer’s argument about content shock is based on a few pillars including but not limited to the following statements: Content […]

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Micromoments - a concept proposed by google

What are micro-moments? Does this concept apply to the world beyond mobile screens?

Micro-moment is a concept proposed by Google in 2015 in a report issued to help online businesses adapt themselves to the new digital economy shaped by mobile web browsing. Here you can download the document: [icon name=”file-pdf-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]  Micro-Moments: Your guide to winning the shift to mobile  At least, part of the Google’s motive behind releasing such a document is […]

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definition of the content life cycle

Content Strategy and The Content Life Cycle

In the definition of the content strategy, I used the term content life cycle for the first time. If you be already familiar with the product life cycle concept, would not be hard to understand the concept of the content life cycle. However, as there are significant differences between the content as a product with other physical products, would be helpful […]

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Landing page experience guideline

Landing Page Experience: What is it? How to improve it?

Definition of Landing Page Experience (LPE) Landing page experience refers to the experience of the users when they land on a page after clicking a link in SERPs or Ads or social media posts. Part of this experience is cognitive (rational evaluation), and the other part will be inevitably affective (how they feel about the page). Guidelines for Improving Landing Page […]

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content marketing defined

Definition of Content Marketing

Content marketing, like many other technical terms such as management, strategy, and marketing is an easy concept to grasp but a hard concept to define. I have my own definition in mind wherever I refer to the content marketing in this blog: In addition to the above definition, here you can find a few other popular definitions of the content […]

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Definition of content farm and panda against the farmers!

Definition of Content Farm (Content Mill) There are many different definitions of the content farm: A content farm is a company that uses search algorithm data to create articles, videos and other media that are designed to rank highly in the search engines. (Technopedia) The content farm (According to Danny Sullivan in SearchEngineLand): Looks to see what are popular searches […]

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Thin content against lean content and why google panda hates thin content

Definition of Thin Content vs Lean Content and why panda hates thin fishes

Google’s Panda algorithm designed to detect high-quality original contents evolves steadily with new tools and features. As the old mechanical content evaluation algorithms are changing to a huge and complicated machine learning system, it gets harder every day to describe the detailed properties of contents which are favored by Panda. Therefore, a new term has emerged in SEO jargon: The thin content. […]

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