Micromoments - a concept proposed by google

What are micro-moments? Does this concept apply to the world beyond mobile screens?

Micro-moment is a concept proposed by Google in 2015 in a report issued to help online businesses adapt themselves to the new digital economy shaped by mobile web browsing. Here you can download the document: [icon name=”file-pdf-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]  Micro-Moments: Your guide to winning the shift to mobile  At least, part of the Google’s motive behind releasing such a document is […]

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Landing page experience guideline

Landing Page Experience: What is it? How to improve it?

Definition of Landing Page Experience (LPE) Landing page experience refers to the experience of the users when they land on a page after clicking a link in SERPs or Ads or social media posts. Part of this experience is cognitive (rational evaluation), and the other part will be inevitably affective (how they feel about the page). Guidelines for Improving Landing Page […]

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