landing page checklist

A 46-point checklist for landing page design and optimization

Designing a well-performing landing page is both an art and science.

Although you will never be able to call your page a perfect one, the following checklist might be helpful in improving your landing pages and providing the visitors with a better landing page experience.

Strategic Concerns

  1. Is your landing page focused on a single purpose?
  2. What kind of value are you going to provide?
  3. Do you communicate your value proposition clearly?
  4. What kind of value do you provide for the visitor?
  5. If your page has backlinks in other pages (as anchor or banner), does it hold promise?

Lizard Brain Validation

The so-called lizard brain validation is one of the most critical criteria in validating a landing page. It means assessing the first brain reaction to visiting a page.

Here you can find some of the most important points in checking your landing page in this regard:

  1. Do you have an eye-catching headline?
  2. Could the visitor understand the core message in first 10 seconds? (eye-blink test)
  3. Have you capitalized on creating visual elements such as pictures and illustrations?
  4. Does the visitor consider you page relevant after skimming through it?
  5. Have you omitted extraneous navigations from the page? (to lead the visitor mindlessly into the conversion funnel)

Landing Page Architecture

A landing page has to be something more than a full-width pop-up!

  1. Does it look like a generic ad? Although a landing page is definitely a kind of ad, your conversion concern should not overshadow the non-commercial contents of your page.
  2. Is your page designed according to the look, style and brand identity?
  3. Do you have any subheadings in the page?
  4. Have you tried to convert parts of your paragraphs to bullet lists and tables and illustrations?
  5. Have you embedded remarketing messages in the next navigation level?
  6. Is it necessary to prepare different versions of landing pages? (for different personas or based on where they come from)
  7. Do you use a separate landing page for every campaign?
  8. Have you considered enough visual clues?

Technical Points

  1. Is your page mobile friendly? (responsive layout or mobile version)
  2. Have you optimized page title, meta description, and URL for search engines?
  3. Have you considered SEO-optimized alternative texts for your images?
  4. Have you done A/B test on your page? (long vs. short, 1 CTA vs. 2 CTAs, etc.)

Copy Checklist

  1. Does it say what the page is about?
  2. Is your content focused?
  3. Is the body copy scannable and scrollable?
  4. Have you included all the relevant keywords in your copy?
  5. Does your copy focus on benefits rather than features? (benefit-driven)

Trust Checklist

How do you assure the visitor about your service?

  1. Does your page look credible?
  2. Have you provided any social proof?
    1. Industry awards
    2. Consumer awards
    3. Customer testimonials
    4. Links to the articles in the other media about your business/service
  3. Are you providing a sample of your product/service/content?

Call-To-Action (Applies to transactional / lead creation landing pages)

  1. Do you have a clear call to action?
  2. Do you get their email address? (if applicable)
  3. Is your CTA visible before the third scroll? (preferably without any scroll)
  4. Have you minimized your contact form?
  5. Do you have a privacy policy link near the submit button?
  6. Do you have a clear refund/customer care statement?
  7. Is your submit/purchase button visible enough?
  8. If you have a multi-step registration/interaction, have you informed the visitor about it?
  9. Is your promotion/offer visible to the visitor?
  10. Is your CTA near the top of the page?
  11. Is your CTA readable from 2 meters away?
  12. Check to be sure that have not more than 3 CTAs on a single page.