Micromoments - a concept proposed by google

What are micro-moments? Does this concept apply to the world beyond mobile screens?

Micro-moment is a concept proposed by Google in 2015 in a report issued to help online businesses adapt themselves to the new digital economy shaped by mobile web browsing. Here you can download the document: [icon name=”file-pdf-o” class=”” unprefixed_class=””]  Micro-Moments: Your guide to winning the shift to mobile  At least, part of the Google’s motive behind releasing such a document is […]

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Definition of content farm and panda against the farmers!

Definition of Content Farm (Content Mill) There are many different definitions of the content farm: A content farm is a company that uses search algorithm data to create articles, videos and other media that are designed to rank highly in the search engines. (Technopedia) The content farm (According to Danny Sullivan in SearchEngineLand): Looks to see what are popular searches […]

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Thin content against lean content and why google panda hates thin content

Definition of Thin Content vs Lean Content and why panda hates thin fishes

Google’s Panda algorithm designed to detect high-quality original contents evolves steadily with new tools and features. As the old mechanical content evaluation algorithms are changing to a huge and complicated machine learning system, it gets harder every day to describe the detailed properties of contents which are favored by Panda. Therefore, a new term has emerged in SEO jargon: The thin content. […]

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What is evergreen content and why you may need it in your content strategy?

Evergreen content is currently a buzzword in content strategy, and it’s considered as a key success factor for content providers. Definition of evergreen content In the simplest definition, an evergreen content is a piece of content which does not expire in the short term. But here you can find a more elaborate and formal definition of the evergreen content: Evergreen contents […]

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The difference between content marketing and content strategy

There’s a fundamental difference between content marketing and content strategy. However, most people use these terms interchangeably. Content Strategy and Content Marketing are not the same but closely related. The amazing fact is that using these terms equivalent terms has led to neglecting the valuable concept of the strategy. So I decided to write a series of articles emphasizing the […]

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Definition of content strategy (A practical approach)

To reach to a definition of content strategy it would be more practical if we think about non-strategic content creation and delivery. In other words, first I’d try to describe what content strategy is not!  So, let me start with a list of the most popular symptoms of non-strategic content management. Then it would be much easier to conclude a definition […]

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