Basic Concepts: Inferiomorphism – when agents impose themselves to the superagent

Don’t worry, if you have never heard the word inferiomorphism. Inferiomorphism is a combination of inferior (belonging to a lower level) and morphism (looking for a mapping between two objects from different categories). I have coined the term inferiomorphism by myself to emphasize on one of the greatest mistakes we’ve ever made. When I was talking about the practical definition […]

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Basic Concepts: Definition of Randomness

When we talked about predictability and living things, I have noted that we need a more precise definition of randomness before diving into the details of complex living systems. The concept of randomness seems obvious at first glance. Random and Randomness are so popular in our daily talks which we never think about their exact definition. Let me start with a simple […]

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living entities and cellular organizations

Living things and cellular organization

In the previous article, we talked about living entities. The focal question of the article was clear: We know many characteristics of living things. Are all of them necessary condition for an object be considered as a living entity? (I use the verb consider intentionally. Just to emphasize on the subjectivity of this concept). Before going any further, let me remind you […]

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