SEO: A List of best free SEO and web analytics tools

The internet is full of free tools and resources. But being free does not mean being costless. Sometimes it takes hours before you find a low-cost free resource on the web. Sure we know and accept the fact that for every free service we receive, we have to provide some value. We may do it by submitting contact information or clicking on banners and links and helping them to improve their rank or search engine position. But the question is which services offer us a low-cost reasonable deal. Here you can find my list of less irritating or no irritating online resources for SEO and web analytics:

Google Analytics: Sure you know google analytics. But there’s no other choice. Every list of analyzing tools has to be started with google.

Ahrefs: Checking backlinks, Pagerank and many other SEO parameters. You have to register your email for receiving more detailed reports (Don’t miss Ahref’s Position Explorer Tool).

Alexa: There’s nothing to say about Alexa. Virtually everyone on the web, uses Alexa for monitoring local and global rank of the websites.

Similarweb: Sure Alexa is a more popular service for measuring and monitoring your website rank. But similarweb provides you with valuable information about the interests of your visitors as well as historical trend of visits. Similarweb has a very powerful algorithm for estimating your unique monthly visitors.

Woorank: Would be a very professional tool for assessing your website. If someone else has developed your website and you are not so professional in website design, just try Woorank. It has a wonderful analysis capability.

On-Page SEO tool: A very simple yet useful minimalistic tool for suggesting you the best one-word, two-word, three-word combinations which have more opportunity to be promoted by search engines.

GTMertics: A very helpful tool for site designers. Analyzing every detail of the website including loading time of every script and CCS errors and many other indicators which website designers and administrators are interested in.

Pingdom: Calculating your website loading time with a detailed cascading report.

Nibbler: Assessing your website from various aspects such as accessibility, experience, marketing and technology.

Browserling: Helps you to see how your website is viewed in different browsers and devices.

Browseo: Helps you to see your website the same way as search engines see it.