Content marketing definition of content

Definition of digital content in content marketing

As Charles Bohannan says, content is the single most important and sought-after commodity on the web. But, what do we mean by the term content in the content marketing context? Although I have already attempted to provide a broad definition of content, would be more helpful if we make a more specific definition of content in content marketing. As here the term content often […]

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What is evergreen content and why you may need it in your content strategy?

Evergreen content is currently a buzzword in content strategy, and it’s considered as a key success factor for content providers. Definition of evergreen content In the simplest definition, an evergreen content is a piece of content which does not expire in the short term. But here you can find a more elaborate and formal definition of the evergreen content: Evergreen contents […]

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Different types of contents used by content strategists

There are many different ways to classify contents. Some people categorize contents based on the delivery channel: contents for the social media, contents for the website, contents for the outdoor ads, etc. Other people classify contents based on the medium they use: audio content, video content, text content, etc. But for the content strategists, there are other content classification models […]

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