Different types of contents used by content strategists – Part II

In the first part of this article, I introduced three types of contents usually used by content strategists to deliver the intended message to the target audience. I’ve mentioned definitions, reviews and whitepapers in the first part and here we are going to take a look at the other popular content types.

Content type #4: Checklists

No matter what kind of target you are going to accomplish, even if you are professional and experienced about it, still it will be instructive or at least interesting to know what kind of tasks and sub-tasks are supposed to be done for that target to be achieved.

So if you are going to build a search engine optimised website, no matter at which level of expertise you are, still you would be curious to see this checklist with 29 different points you should care about.

Or even if I tell you that this is a very ordinary and simple interview checklist, still you will be tempted to check it out!

There’s also a positive point about the checklists as an option for delivering your message. It’s much easier to gain your reader’s trust with a checklist comparing to many other content types as most of the readers would suppose that a checklist is less biased in comparison to other contents such as advertorials, news reports, catalogs, etc.

Content type #5: Article Collection

In the age of information abundance, having access to a wide range of information through the world wide web or using the search engines is not something amazing or exceptional.

You know that there are thousands of content strategy articles on the web. But considering the time as a limited resource, it will make you excited if some trusted source, tells you that theses 5 or 10 or 25 articles are the main pillars of content strategy and the rest of the articles are mostly an elaboration of the same or similar points and ideas.

It may seem that preparing a list of articles is an easy task to do. But don’t forget that if you are going to make a loyal audience, your list has to be minimal and comprehensive at the same time and such a list will take a long time to prepare.

Content type #6: List of the people

If you are convinced about the importance of the article collection as a content type, it would not be so hard to convince you about the importance of a valid credible list of the influential or important or pioneer or specialist people in a specific field.

I’ve prepared such a content several times in this blog. List of the people who are thinking about future of the technology is one of them.

I would consider this kind of lists as the time, condensed in a capsule. Because someone has to spend hours and days and months to prepare a list, including some important persons and excluding other non-important yet famous ones.

Once more, let me emphasise that in preparing a list, we don’t have to make it as long as possible. It’s more valuable if we can make it as short as possible without losing comprehensiveness.

Here’s the link to the third part.