Weblist: Best Technology Blogs To Follow

In one of my previous articles, I proposed a list of the people to follow if you are interested in future trends of the technology. In addition to that list, here’s a list of the blogs which in my opinion can help us in developing a realistic non-fiction style insight to the future.

MIT – Technology Review

One of the best places to read articles about recent developments in the field of technology. Most of the articles have some kind of analysis and concept description, so there you find something more tasteful than the pure scientific news blog.

Tech The Future

Techthefuture is a nice insightful website with various types of articles about future of the technology. For this website, the term technology is used with its broader meaning and it’s not limited to the digital technology. So you will find interesting up-to-date articles in the fields of mobility, energy, Climate, etc.

Jack Uldrich Blog

It’s not so easy to find a personal blog with such a diversified topic range. Jack writes articles about arts, algorithms, aging, advertising and many other topics and there’s one common theme between most of his articles: future trends.

Of course, you will not expect a deep analytical article in every field when a generalist talks about them. But sure there are many key insights visible to a generalist which are located in the specialist’s blind spot and this is what makes his blog worth reading and following.

Kurzweil accelerated intelligence

We have talked about Ray Kurzweil before. If your are interested in his ideas about the future, accelerated intelligence is a very helpful blog to follow.

Singularity Hub

This is another blog about the future which you will enjoy it especially if you prefer facts to the imagination. A large collection of articles on different futuristic subjects with reference to the related news and research. As the name shows, it’s a good hub and will lead you to next links and addresses for further reading.


Ubiquity has not any claim about the future study or any futuristic view. But most of the articles have some concerns about information and information-related complexity. As information seems to be the most critical building block of the future world, I have also considered this blog in my recommendation list.