Different types of content used by content strategists – Part III

I’ve recently started a series of blog posts about different types of content used by content strategists (Here’s the link to the first and the second part).

 Content Type #7: Email Newsletters

Email newsletters have been one of the most popular content types of the last decade. I’ve also prepared an extensive list of tips and practical points for writing an effective newsletter (Part I, Part II, Part III).

Although there are many companies putting budget and effort into building and developing large mailing lists and sending regular newsletters to their customers, we should keep this point in mind that emails as a public mailbox would not be popular in near future. We do not check our mailboxes as often and before and even the ones who check their emails frequently, protect it via public or premium spam protection services. So emails are going to be a social or inter-organizational or intra-organizational communication system and would not be so popular in near future.

Seems that similar to many companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social network applications, email would be considered nothing more than a user authentication tool.

Content Type #8; Timelines

Most of us are interested in timelines. A sequence of events sorted based on the time of occurrence.

Just take a look at the following timeline showing the earth’s history since 5 billion years ago. It would probably be of no use if you know that we have had the ability to write just for the 0.0002% of the earth’s history. But most of us would love knowing this kind of data (Actually it can be a successful viral content too).


"Timeline evolution of life" by LadyofHats - Own work. Licensed under CC0 via Commons.
Timeline evolution of life” by LadyofHatsOwn work. Licensed under CC0 via Commons.

Besides this kind of amazing infographic, timelines can be useful for presentation of a company’s history or similar types of data:

Mercedes Benz Production timeline

Textbased timelines are also popular in official or academic texts. You may take a look at this one.

Content Type #9: Link Bundle

I have mentioned many times in my recent articles that after over-customization of search engines, having a selected-but-not-personalized list of links on a specific topic would be treasure for every person who is trying to take a deep look to the web.

Although still most of the people are blind to the google-blindness, every day, more and more people get acquainted with it, and it seems that link bundles have a great future in the over-customized digital world.

This article will be continued.