Quotations from Benjamin Bloom

Benjamin Bloom and the medicine

The history of medicine shows that professionals in a field can survive for thousands of years without necessarily having very good answers.


Benjamin Bloom Quotations

The statement mentioned above is part of the Bloom’s argument in defending his notion of mastery education and his position on the weakness of the classic approaches followed by education professionals. Regardless of the interview’s subject, there’s a very delicate point about his statement.

Bloom regards the above statement so clear and evident that uses it as a basis for proving that the same impotence can happen to other fields as well.

I’m sure that Morozov would enjoy reading Bloom, even though I believe that he hasn’t read him yet.

Morozov escalates Bloom’s war against professionals to a higher level:

Professionals can survive for thousands of years with so many good solutions without being successful in finding the relevant problems.

P.S.: I love the Douglas Adams’ brilliant book The hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy. Especially chapter 28 where the computer (Deep Thought) after a couple of million years of calculation reaches to the answer 42. But when it is asked about the question, confidently says:

I checked it very thoroughly, and that quite definitely is the answer. I think the problem, to be quite honest with you, is that you’ve never actually known what the question is.”