Wunderlist: One of the Best to-do apps for task management

The are a large number of to-do apps available in the market: Todoist, Any.Do, Evernote, Tick Tick, Swipes and Google Keep to name a few.

In the digital age, it’s a popular practice for whoever feels overwhelmed with uncompleted tasks to install few to-do apps on the digital gadgets. Something I call it app-installation therapy! It’s a totally understandable behavior as installing a few apps on the phone or the tablet, is much easier than changing some behavior habits.

As there are so many to-do apps available in the market, it’s a good practice to think about the features we really need before looking for the options. Most of the application developers have injected all possible features in their applications. Although it makes them more attractive before the installation and in the first uses, but very soon you feel that filling the fields is just another boring task added to the endless list of unfinished ones.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself before looking for a to-do app (if you are really willing to use it after installation!):

  • Do I look for a note taking app or a task management app?
  • Is it really important to have it over different platforms? e.g. both on the phone and the desktop
  • Is it enough to have a grocery-style list or I am looking for a more complicated style?
  • Am I going to pay for it or I’m looking for an ever-free version?
  • Is it necessary to share my tasks with others?
  • Do I need a scheduling app or just an organized task list?
  • Is it supposed to be a remedy for my procrastination or a tool helping me to organise my mind?

Considering above questions, I have chosen wunderlist as my to-do app. Because I was looking for a free shared grocery style task management app with some integrated collaboration features working on different platforms to organise my mind.

I don’t know what are your answers to the above questions. But if your expectations are similar to mine, I’d strongly recommend you to try wunderlist once. In the feature-rich world of useless and complicated applications, it’s minimalistic design helps you to concentrate on the real use of these apps. They are meant to take a load off our mind, not to become an extra load for it.

Wunderlist todo app
Source: wunderlist.com