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The Becoming Era – Excerpts from “The Inevitable” by Kevin Kelly (1)

Book Title: The Inevitable (Understanding the 12 technological forces that will shape our future)

Written by: Kevin Kelly

Chapter Title: Becoming

Kevin Kelly - The Inevitable - Chapter one

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Kevin Kelly Quotes - Chapter 1 - Becoming - The Inevitable

Chapter 1: Becoming

Upgrade is inevitable

You may not want to upgrade, but you must because everyone else is. It’s an upgrade arms race… Continual upgrades are so critical for technological systems that they are now automatic for the major personal computer operating systems and some software apps.

In this era of becoming, everyone becomes a newbie. Worse, we will be newbies forever.

Neither dystopia nor utopia is our destination. Rather, technology is taking us to protopia.

More accurately, we have already arrived in protopia.

Protopia is a state of becoming, rather than a destination.

A protopia generates almost as many problems as new benefits.

Unlike the last century, nobody wants to move to the distant future. Many dread it.

That makes it hard to take the future seriously. So we’re stuck in the short now, a present without a generational perspective.

Any promising new invention will have its naysayers, and the bigger the promises, the louder the nays.

User-generated creations would never happen at a large scale, or if they happened they would not draw an audience, or if they drew an audience they would not matter. [A prediction that turned out to be false]

Note: To comply with the requirements of the fair use, the excerpts here are not necessarily the most important or the core concepts or even summary of the book. They are just a few sentences and statements I have highlighted in the book for later reference, hoping that reading them encourage you to buy the book and read it.