Bacteria becoming resistant against antibiotics in a evolutionary process

Evolution Demonstrated: time lapse video of bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics

As evolution takes generations to achieve tangible results, usually it’s supposed that we are not able to see the process within our lifetime. Although such an assumption could be true for the human species, for many other species who have shorter lifespans, it’s possible to arrange laboratory settings exhibiting the evolutionary process. Here you can see a time lapse video […]

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Special theory of evolution vs. General theory of evolution

Evolution: A never-ending debate Darwin’s theory of evolution itself has experienced an evolutionary process. A process that started around a very sensitive topic: The origin of species. As it always has been a long historical debate between believers and non-believers about the origin of the world and the humans, soon both camps found a new battleground for the old debate. However, […]

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Behavioral Characteristics of the Complex Systems

I have already made an introductory definition of the complex systems. Here I’m going to list some of the common behavioral characteristics of the complex systems: Unpredictability or limited predictability Although it’s popular to consider complex systems as unpredictable entities, it would be more precise if we say complex systems have limited predictability.  It goes without saying that predictability is not […]

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Why we need to study the complexity and the complex systems

Neil Johnson starts his fantastic book on complexity with the following story in the preface: The above story could be considered as a fantasy. But whoever knows the idea behind the complexity and the complex systems would confirm it as a plausible scenario. Human understanding of the world can be divided into three distinct ages: Mythologic World or Primitive Dualistic View […]

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Lecture notes on emergence, complexity, and complex systems

Lecture Notes on Emergence and Complex Systems

As the name implies, lecture notes are supposed to be taken in the lectures. But to be honest, I have never had attended a course on the emergence and complex systems. What I have done is limited to reading a couple of books and software implementation of a few low-order complex systems. However, I’ve always been interested in coaching an informal […]

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John Conway and The Game of Life

In order to understand the concept behind the John Conway’s game of life, the best way would be starting from Stephen Wolfram and even John Von Neumann and cellular automaton. However, I believe it would be much easier to grasp the concept of  cellular automaton if we make some experiments with John Conway’s game of life as one of the simple […]

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Books on complexity theory and complex systems – Part I

Years ago, it was a serious challenge to find a book or an article about niche topics like complexity theory and complex system. Nowadays, we have another challenge: Which books are recommended to read for gaining a deep productive insight on complexity and complex systems among so many books and articles released every year on this topic? Here’s a list […]

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