Bernie Sanders - Evergreen Tweet

An evergreen tweet

Social media is not usually considered as a suitable platform for evergreen content. Because every post is quickly buried under dozens of activities and newer contents. In fact, Twitter is the worst case among other social tools as even a one-day-old tweet feels like an old age content there.

So just to feed my curiosity, googled “evergreen tweet” to become sure that the term “evergreen tweet” is an oxymoron. But I was wrong. A tweet from Bernie Sanders was considered as an evergreen tweet by most media. A three-word-tweet about the AHCA:

Evergreen Tweet Example

Such a tweet can be considered as a vivid description of the current state of the politics without considering any specific context, even beyond the United States political landscape.

So it seems that I’ve to change my mind about the term “evergreen tweet”. Most descriptions of the politics can be considered timeless and evergreen, especially if they are talking about corruption, incompetence, and disgrace.