online value proposition models

Online Value Proposition Models and Ideas

When you start to devise your business model and strategy, everybody recommends you to define your value proposition.

As Kaplan and Norton say in their now classic book Strategy Maps, the strategy is based on a differentiated customer value proposition.

To put it another way, unless you find something unique and valuable to your customers, there’s no way to guarantee your business success.

Customer Value Proposition (CVP) in digital domain (6Cs Model)

6Cs of customer motivation, initially suggested by Dave Chaffey is still one of the most online popular customer value proposition models.

6Cs model, as the name implies, consists of 6 dimensions of possible value propositions in the digital world:

Dave Chaffey's online customer value proposition model

Despite the fact that the 6Cs model is widely cited in digital marketing books and articles, it’s assumptions are still very similar to the physical market assumptions. It seems that the author, have considered the digital market just as the old physical one, except the fact that the new market in enabled by digital distribution and delivery services.

The product ownership rights are still considered as granted, to make an example. However, we are all aware of the copyright infringements and violations in the digital era.

As Kevin Kelly notes, the Internet is a large copying machine waiting for new content to copy it freely as much as possible.

Therefore, despite the fact that the digital communication technologies provided creators with convenient ways to deliver their product,  they made product piracy even more convenient.

Considering the above fact and many other ignored characteristics of the current digital era, it seems that we have to find a new model to survive in the digital age. The age in which stealing a product is much easier and faster and straight forward than purchasing it.

Kevin Kelly in his book titled The Inevitable coins the term “generative values” to describe values which people are still ready to pay for them even in the digital flowing era.

I just leave this diagram here to describe every single component of it in the future articles:

8 Value Proposition Ideas in the digital age

Digital Value Proposition Ideas by Kevin Kelly

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Note: I have used the term ideas instead of Model as Kelly doesn’t claim that he has suggested a model. Instead, he just calls the above factors as value generation ideas to convince the customer to pay in the post-copyright era.