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Smarter than you think, Clive Thompson

Book title: Smarter Than You Think

Subtitle: How technology is changing our minds for the better

Author: Clive Thompson (Canadian journalist / Technology blogger)

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Offical website of the book: smarterthanyouthink

No. of pages: 341

Publisher: Penguin Press (2013)

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Narrated by: Jeff Cummings

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Book Chapters (Summary)

Chapter 1: The Rise of the Centaurs

Chapter 2: We, the Memorious

Chapter 3: Public Thinking

Chapter 4: The New Literacies

Chapter 5: The Art of Finding

Chapter 6: The Puzzle-Hungry World

Chapter 7: Digital School

Chapter 8: Ambient Awareness

Chapter 9: The Connected Society

Last chapter: Epilogue

Praises and endorsements

Clay Shirky: Thompson declares a winner in the cognitive fight between human and computers: both together. Smarter Than You Think is an eye-opening exploration of the ways computers think better with humans attached, and vice-versa.

Chris Anderson:  Almost without noticing it, the Internet has become our intellectual exoskeleton. Rather than just observing this evolution, Clive Thompson takes us to the people, places, and technologies driving it, bringing deep reporting, storytelling and analysis to one of the most profound shifts in human history.

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As Clive Thompson is too optimistic about technology and the web, The Shallows”  is a good choice to read afterward. The Shallows has a pessimistic point of view and both books together can give you a balanced view on this topic.

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