Book Excerpts from The Curve Written by Nicholas Lovell

Excerpts from “The Curve” by Nicholas Lovell (Chapter 1)

Book Title: The Curve

Written by: Nicholas Lovell

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Note: To comply with the requirements of the fair use, the excerpts here are not necessarily the most important or the core concepts or even summary of the book. They are just a few sentences and statements I have highlighted in the book for later reference, hoping that reading them encourage you to buy the book and read it.

Chapter I: The Curve

The Curve comes in three parts:

  • Find you audience
  • Use all the tools at your disposal to figure out what is important to them
  • let them spend anything from little to lots (and I do mean lots) of money on things they truly value.

Free stuff – whether pirated, part of a marketing budget or given away by businesses or creators – is the starting point in a relationship with customers or audiences.

Most companies don’t go far enough in understanding their audience and focusing on moving low-spending customers along the demand curve.

The real disruptive threat comes from competition, not piracy.The long battle to fight free content will prove to be pointless.

The long battle to fight free content will prove to be pointless […]. It will be pointless not because the pirates will win but because the competition will start to discover how to use free more effectively.

Successful businesses, creators and non-profits will stop thinking in terms of units sold or number of donors and instead start thinking about the average revenue per user.

The mass market – where all consumers pay the same price for the same item – is a created concept. It was created by factory owners […]. The mass market was not driven by the desires of the consumer.